Moonfruit and Techcrunch

For the past few weeks I’ve been working with Moonfruit. They have been working to replace their rather aging web site with something that looks a lot more contemporary. Today was the day that the new version went live. And it was also the day that I got an interesting lesson in how marketing works… Continue reading Moonfruit and Techcrunch

Conversations with CateyMaxx

Summarising @Nadine_MP‘s “informed consent” ideas: A woman can’t have an abortion until a christian nutter has tried to scare her out of it? That’s the content of a tweet that I sent just before 6pm last night. I thought it nicely summed up the reasons behind Nadine Dorries’ recent speech in Parliament. I didn’t, of… Continue reading Conversations with CateyMaxx

David Wright and Twitter

you can put lipstick on a scum-sucking pig but it is still a scum-sucking pig That’s apparently what Labour MP David Wright said about the Tory party on Twitter on Monday. I say “apparently” because he claims he didn’t say it. He says that his tweets have been tinkered with. He says that the words… Continue reading David Wright and Twitter

A Twitter Story

People often ask me what is the point of Twitter. What do I get out of it. The answer to those questions change from day to day. Here is today’s answer. Tonight I’m going to see the Twisted Christmas show at the Barbican. It features a number of performers taking a slightly different look at… Continue reading A Twitter Story

Tweedledum Meet Tweedledee

This is from Iain Dale’s blog: The thing is, people actually elected this woman to represent them, yet she seems incapable of rational argument or debate. If you disagree with her she cries foul and accuses you of being nasty. And yet she doesn’t understand it’s her own brand of nastiness which causes people to… Continue reading Tweedledum Meet Tweedledee

I Can’t Hear You La La La La

When the internet first really started to take off ten or fifteen years ago, it was seen as a personal publishing platform. Suddenly, you didn’t need to have support from a TV network or a book publisher in order to get your views in front of a huge potential audience. All you needed was some… Continue reading I Can’t Hear You La La La La

The Power of Social Media

In the future, we may well look back on the past week and describe it as the week that the power of social media became apparent to pretty much everyone in the UK. This week social networks have allowed the powers of light to win three victories over the powers of darkness. It started on… Continue reading The Power of Social Media