The Guardian on Faith

The main feature in yesterday’s G2 was an article by Stuart Jeffries on the growth of loud disagreement between religious people and atheists. Regular readers will know that I usually agree with the Guardian, but this article has got it horribly wrong. The article’s main error is to give time to the views of Colin… Continue reading The Guardian on Faith

Guardian Travel Site

The Guardian have introduced a new travel web site and GU development manager, Nik Silver, has written an interesting article about how it all works. Sounds like it’s full of web 2.0 goodness. Some nice uses of tagging and RSS. I don’t have any inside information, but I suspect that this might be a little… Continue reading Guardian Travel Site

Gulf Stream Worries

You’ll often hear people complaining about how cold the UK is. What the complainers don’t seem to realise is that considering how far north we are, the climate in the UK is actually far warmer than it really should be. The reason for this warmer climate is the Gulf Stream (or, more accurately, its northern… Continue reading Gulf Stream Worries

Guardian Heresy

The Guardian potentially launches itself into controversy today by including a free wallchart which claims to illustrate the history of life on Earth. This blasphemous poster includes the ridiculous claim that there was life on Earth over 500 million years ago. This is clearly nonsense as any sane (and righteous) person knows that the Earth… Continue reading Guardian Heresy

Media Bias

A few different approaches to the same story. Let’s start with the BBC (who can be expected to be a little biased here): Hippos help revamp BBC One idents BBC One has unveiled its latest on-screen identity, complete with new logo and images for the channel. Segments between programmes from 7 October will feature kites,… Continue reading Media Bias

Who Remembers The Big Conversation?

One of the important roles of the media (and one that unfortunately often gets forgotten) is to act as a public memory bank and to remind us of things that politicians would rather we forget. It’s a role that Marina Hyde takes on with much relish in today’s Guardian when she writes about the legacy… Continue reading Who Remembers The Big Conversation?

Universally Acknowledging Truths

Argh. They’ve done it again. A truth which has the downside of keeping many true artists poor in garrets and many false ones rich in mansions was universally acknowledged yesterday. (Pride, prejudice and happiness: readers choose favourite endings – Guardian) Is it too much to ask that just once a journalist can write an article… Continue reading Universally Acknowledging Truths

Gervais to Charge for Podcast

This won’t go down well in the blogosphere. Or the podcastosphere. Or whatever it’s called. There were a couple of jokes in an episode of the Ricky Gervais Show podcast about how much money they would have made if they had charged for downloads. And now. it seems, that’s exactly what they’re going to do.… Continue reading Gervais to Charge for Podcast

Overstating the Case

The Guardian rather overstates the case on the smoking ban. Parliament, so often maligned and so often ignorantly, has done itself and the nation proud by banning smoking in England. “Banning smoking in England”? Smoking won’t become illegal everywhere in England. Just in public. Which puts it, I suppose, about on a par with masturbation.… Continue reading Overstating the Case