Don’t Mention The War

Tony Blair is banging on again about how a protest vote against the Iraq war will let in a Tory government. Let’s get a few things straight. If I don’t vote Labour, then it’s not just a protest vote against the war in Iraq. It’s also a protest vote against foundation hospitals, ID cards, top-up… Continue reading Don’t Mention The War

We Cannot Vote Labour

Gary Younge in today’s Guardian being as astute as ever. As the election approaches it is time for those of us who identify with Labour but find ourselves somewhere between disillusionment and disgust with the party to weigh strategy and morality and hopefully get our sums right. If the polls are right, the Labour party’s… Continue reading We Cannot Vote Labour

40-something is the new 30-something

The Guardian had an article today about how the media seems to to be full of people writing about the angst of becoming 40. Apparently there are more TV shows about the subject in the pipeline. Is the media controled by people the same age as me? They also had a section on 40 things… Continue reading 40-something is the new 30-something

If not war, then what?

The Guardian asked a number of well-known “doves” what their alternative would be to war. Their replies make interesting reading. The consensus seems to be that there’s still no good reason to do anything and that the onus should be on the “hawks” to say why we need to do something. I was particularly impressed… Continue reading If not war, then what?