Happy Elections

Four years ago I drew a comparison between the US Presidential Election result and the 1992 British General Election. This year the comparison seems even more apt. The footage we saw of the celebrations in Chicago and elsewhere in the US as Obama was confirmed as the winner brought back memories of how we all… Continue reading Happy Elections

Don’t Mention The War

Tony Blair is banging on again about how a protest vote against the Iraq war will let in a Tory government. Let’s get a few things straight. If I don’t vote Labour, then it’s not just a protest vote against the war in Iraq. It’s also a protest vote against foundation hospitals, ID cards, top-up… Continue reading Don’t Mention The War

Onward Christian Soldiers (pt 2)

A few days ago I wrote something asking how George Bush and Tony Blair could reconcile going to war against Iraq with their christian beliefs. On Sunday, the Independent on Sunday asked similar (but more polite) questions to Tony Blair. his answers are interesting, but (to my mind) ultimately unconvincing.