Snow vs Global Warming

Every winter as the snow starts to fall we get some some climate change denier claiming that the existence of snow categorically disproves the existence of climate change. This weekend the race was won by Richard Littlejohn who added the following to the end of his column in the Mail on Sunday. It’s late November… Continue reading Snow vs Global Warming

Snow and Global Warming

I’m reading reports that Tory MP Ann Winterton has made a complete fool of herself in today’s Prime Minister’s Questions. She has suggested that the government should cancel “wasteful expenditure” on wind farms as the current weather clearly demonstrates that global warming is nonsense. Despite being complete nonsense, this is an argument that I hear… Continue reading Snow and Global Warming

Global “Warming”

Weather like we’ve seen in the UK over the last twenty-four hours seems to effect people’s cognitive facilities. There’s one particular nonsense that I can almost guarantee you’ll come across in the next couple of days. That’s a climate change denier saying something like Well this weather at least proves for once and for all… Continue reading Global “Warming”

More On Stewart Dimmock

Yesterday’s Observer has a piece about Stewart Dimmock the lorry driver and school governor who campaigned against Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth being shown to British schoolchildren. Dimmock’s campaign has largely been portrayed as a “David and Goliath” fight, with Dimmock as the underdog, fighting a school system that is trying to indoctrinate his… Continue reading More On Stewart Dimmock

Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC have won the Nobel Peace Prize. I’m not entirely sure what climate change has to do with peace, but it’s nice to see his work honoured. What isn’t so nice (but isn’t at all unexpected) is the stupidity being demonstrated in the BBC Have Your Say on the subject.… Continue reading Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Speak Your Brains

Following on from the release of the Stern report, the BBC are running a “Speak Your Brains” discussion on climate change. It makes very depressing reading. The majority of correspondents either deny that climate change is a problem or object to the government’s green tax proposals. I’m fast coming to the conclusion that the Earth… Continue reading Speak Your Brains

Gulf Stream Worries

You’ll often hear people complaining about how cold the UK is. What the complainers don’t seem to realise is that considering how far north we are, the climate in the UK is actually far warmer than it really should be. The reason for this warmer climate is the Gulf Stream (or, more accurately, its northern… Continue reading Gulf Stream Worries

An Inconvenient Truth

I’ve just got back from seeing An Inconvenient Truth. It was a well-made and interesting film. but not as life-changing as other people seem to have found it. The film largely consists of a lecture about climate change that Al Gore has given many times (he says over a thousand) over the last few years.… Continue reading An Inconvenient Truth

More Stupid People

The BBC is reporting new UK government findings about the impact of greenhouse gases. It makes chilling reading: The report, published by the UK government, says there is only a small chance of greenhouse gas emissions being kept below “dangerous” levels. It fears the Greenland ice sheet is likely to melt, leading sea levels to… Continue reading More Stupid People