More On Stewart Dimmock

Yesterday’s Observer has a piece about Stewart Dimmock the lorry driver and school governor who campaigned against Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth being shown to British schoolchildren. Dimmock’s campaign has largely been portrayed as a “David and Goliath” fight, with Dimmock as the underdog, fighting a school system that is trying to indoctrinate his children.

The truth is, it seems, a little different.

The Observer has established that Dimmock’s case was supported by a powerful network of business interests with close links to the fuel and mining lobbies. He was also supported by a Conservative councillor in Hampshire, Derek Tipp.

Dimmock also has links with the New Party, a Tory spin-off that was formed when the Tories were floundering under the leadership of Iain Duncan Smith in 2002. The New Party has strong links to Scientific Alliance a group that “promotes biotechnology, genetically modified food, and climate change scepticism.” The Scientific Alliance were advisers on Channel Four’s largely discredited documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle.

So it seems that Dimmock’s campaign isn’t one man against the system as he’d like you to believe but, rather, the last-gasp attempt by a group of people who want to stop the climate change message getting out.

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