“The Chatroom Language that Spells Danger for Your Child”

The Daily Mail fearlessly exposes the secret language that paedophiles are using to tempt your children into unspeakable acts. Or, perhaps it was a slow news day and a lazy journalist just decided it was time for another “dangers of the internet” story. Oh, I know there are real dangers out there, and children do… Continue reading “The Chatroom Language that Spells Danger for Your Child”

Daily Mail Outrage

I do love a nice bit of Daily Mail outrage. And this one is too good to miss. They’ve got all over-excited about Monday’s episode of Spooks which featured a group of christian extremists who were killing muslims. Given the number of episodes where MI5 have been foiling Muslim plots, this one seemed to be… Continue reading Daily Mail Outrage

Media Bias

A few different approaches to the same story. Let’s start with the BBC (who can be expected to be a little biased here): Hippos help revamp BBC One idents BBC One has unveiled its latest on-screen identity, complete with new logo and images for the channel. Segments between programmes from 7 October will feature kites,… Continue reading Media Bias

Reading Richard Littlejohn

I should really know better than to read Richard Littlejohn’s rants, but they were discussing this piece over on Daily Mail Watch so I was drawn in and now my blood is boiling. In this article, Littlejohn’s subject is the general ghastliness of Britain and how it’s driving many of its finest citizens (i.e. Daily… Continue reading Reading Richard Littlejohn

Politicians’ Families

Two nicely contrasting stories in today’s papers about members of politicians’ families. Firstly, theguardian has used the freedom of information act to get lots of good dirt on how Mark Thatcher abused the fact that his mother was Prime Minister. This is, of course, exactly how the freedom of information act should be used. And… Continue reading Politicians’ Families