Daily Mail Outrage

I do love a nice bit of Daily Mail outrage. And this one is too good to miss. They’ve got all over-excited about Monday’s episode of Spooks which featured a group of christian extremists who were killing muslims. Given the number of episodes where MI5 have been foiling Muslim plots, this one seemed to be… Continue reading Daily Mail Outrage

Doomsday Code Update

So it seems that currently, Sunday’s post about the Doomsday Code documentary is the top Google hit for “Doomsday Code“. Which is all very gratifying, but it does mean I’m attracting the nutters. Firstly I got an email from Niels last night assuring me that I’m completely wrong and that we are currently living in… Continue reading Doomsday Code Update


I’m not as bothered by spoilers as many people that I know. I don’t turn over quickly to avoid the “coming next week” clips at the end of TV programmes. But I do think that the Doctor Who spoilers that have been all over my usual newsfeeds this morning are taking things a bit too… Continue reading Spoilers

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TV is Not Real

A nice reminder of how TV likes to slightly distort the truth. As you’re watching the final of The Apprentice tonight, ask yourself where the boardroom where people are fired is actually located. The establishing shots are all of Canary Wharf, so you’re obviously supposed to think that’s where it is. But when the person… Continue reading TV is Not Real

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Doctor Who Approaches (2)

The Doctor Who publicity machine is really firing up now. There’s a preview in the new Radio Times and a surprisingly long piece in today’s Guardian. The corporation is planning a marketing blitz as it seeks to create a buzz around next month’s launch of the second series of the family drama since it was… Continue reading Doctor Who Approaches (2)