Doomsday Code Update

So it seems that currently, Sunday’s post about the Doomsday Code documentary is the top Google hit for “Doomsday Code“. Which is all very gratifying, but it does mean I’m attracting the nutters.

Firstly I got an email from Niels last night assuring me that I’m completely wrong and that we are currently living in the endtimes. As proof, he suggested that I take a close look at the ZetaTalk web site which will apparently explain it all clearly. Open-minded as ever I brought up the web site, only to see a picture of a Grey alien on the front page. So what we have here is a web site agreeing with the endtimers’ interpretation of Revelations, but claiming that it’s all an alien plot. For those who (like me) can’t bear to read sites like this, Wikipedia has a good summary of Zetatalk’s main ideas.

And then today I find a comment from Phil explaining that he’s angry about the documentary because it did nothing to explore the creationist point of view. Actually, the documentary did make it clear that the end-time ministers were pretty much creationists to a man – which, of course, just emphasises the fact that they are all as mad as hatters.

It’s all very amusing. But also incredibly sad.

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