Greatest Living Briton

The Sun is searching for the greatest living Briton. Apparently that would be “the ultimate accolade”, though I don’t really understand how being the seen as the greatest living Briton would be a greater accolade than, say, being the greatest Briton of all time. All in all, it’s typical Sun nonsense. At least they included… Continue reading Greatest Living Briton

Daily Mail Explodes

This was never going to go down well with the Daily Mail crowd South Park, the cartoon series that has pushed the bounds of taste for a decade, has perhaps produced its most spectacularly offensive episode yet. Certainly Her Majesty is unlikely to be amused by a programme that shows her blowing her brains out.… Continue reading Daily Mail Explodes

Metro on Conservapedia

It’s interesting to watch how quickly (or otherwise) internet memes get to the mainstream media. It’s three weeks since a number of bloggers started writing about Conservapedia and today the freebie London paper Metro ran a story on it. And they seem to rather miss the point of it. Their headline is “Weird, wild wiki… Continue reading Metro on Conservapedia

Today’s English Lesson

A slight piece of exaggeration from the Croydon Guardian. They are talking about the success of Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Sauce (as seen on Dragon’s Den). They claim that The sauce was literally flying off the shelves in the Balham branch of Sainsbury’s on Thursday night Well I’ve been in the Balham Sainbury’s a couple… Continue reading Today’s English Lesson

Sloppy Journalism

This story was in yesterday’s londonpaper. Writers earn just third of average UK authors earn 33 per cent less than the national average wage, a survey revealed today. I’m not misreading it am I? The headline says something completely different to the text. Of course, it’s just maths. So it’s really not important.

“Free” Banking

Today the Daily Mail is very angry about the possible end of free banking. Banks and building societies are moving to kill off free banking as they prepare to unveil record profits of more than £40 billion. Industry leaders claim compulsory monthly fees on current accounts, which are common in North America and Europe, are… Continue reading “Free” Banking

Wearing A Crucifix

Here we go again: A CATHOLIC schoolgirl was asked not to wear a crucifix on a chain because it breached health and safety rules, her father said today. Samantha Devine, 13, was told to remove the crucifix and chain to comply with school rules. She attends The Robert Napier School, a non-denominational mixed school, in… Continue reading Wearing A Crucifix

The Sun Searches for Sick Web Sites

The Sun has launched a search for “the web’s most disturbing websites”. Just send your suggestions to and “our web team will get on the case” (whatever that means). I don’t know about you, but high on my list of the sickest sites on the web is Do you think I should let… Continue reading The Sun Searches for Sick Web Sites