Greatest Living Briton

The Sun is searching for the greatest living Briton. Apparently that would be “the ultimate accolade”, though I don’t really understand how being the seen as the greatest living Briton would be a greater accolade than, say, being the greatest Briton of all time. All in all, it’s typical Sun nonsense. At least they included… Continue reading Greatest Living Briton

Wearing A Crucifix

Here we go again: A CATHOLIC schoolgirl was asked not to wear a crucifix on a chain because it breached health and safety rules, her father said today. Samantha Devine, 13, was told to remove the crucifix and chain to comply with school rules. She attends The Robert Napier School, a non-denominational mixed school, in… Continue reading Wearing A Crucifix

The Sun Searches for Sick Web Sites

The Sun has launched a search for “the web’s most disturbing websites”. Just send your suggestions to and “our web team will get on the case” (whatever that means). I don’t know about you, but high on my list of the sickest sites on the web is Do you think I should let… Continue reading The Sun Searches for Sick Web Sites

MySun Goes Live

“MySun“, the first concrete result from News Corporation’s purchase of MySpace earlier this year seems to have been launched with very little fanfare. So if you want start a blog with in the URL, now you know where to go. Personally, I’m very afraid.