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The Sun is at it’s most vitriolic this morning, labelling the MPs who defeated the government as “traitors” on its front page. It goes on to claim that they ignored the wishes of the vast majority of Britons and humiliated Tony Blair.

In a bizarre piece of reporting, it also says the “the limit was slashed to just 28 days”. Did you see that? “Slashed”! Since when was “slashed” a synonym for “doubled”?

So if you are lucky enough to have an MP who voted against 90 days yesterday then please take the time to thank them. The Sun names (and shames!) them, but if you can’t bring yourself to look at that nasty rag, then there’s a complete list over on Bloggerheads. Use to get in touch.

I’d love to be able to thank my MP, but Martin Linton seems to have forgottten how small his majority is…

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What did you expect them to say? “Oooh, we were wrong.” The Sun can never admit it’s wrong, so the only option open to them is to attack the winners. That’s life.What the majority of people think doens’t always matter. We live in a representative democracy not a direct democracy. David Winnick put it better than I during yesterday’s debate.

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