Daily Mail Outrage

I do love a nice bit of Daily Mail outrage. And this one is too good to miss. They’ve got all over-excited about Monday’s episode of Spooks which featured a group of christian extremists who were killing muslims. Given the number of episodes where MI5 have been foiling Muslim plots, this one seemed to be an attempt to redress the balance slightly. But the Mail, of course, don’t see it that way. They see it as an obvious case of the BBC’s anti-christian bias.

The BBC are facing accusations of anti-Christian bias after a BBC drama portrayed evangelical extremists murdering Muslims.

One Christian group said the corporation had a “sinister” and “malicious” agenda against their faith, while another claimed the BBC1 Spooks programme could be an “incitement to hatred” against them.

Oh, and look, they’ve even got a quote from a frothing at the mouth Stephen Green.

Christian Voice National Director Stephen Green said: “This could even be incitement to hatred against Christians. It is completely ludicrous and brings the BBC into more disrepute.”

“Most people watching it will just spot another bit of BBC bias and inaccuracy – nevertheless it shows a worrying mind-set in the people that are producing the programme to even think that there are Christians contemplating violence against any Muslims whatsoever – it is just not what we do.”

I predict that the readers’ comments on this story will be well worth watching over the next few hours.

Update: Also covered on MediaWatchWatch.

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