The Power of Social Media

In the future, we may well look back on the past week and describe it as the week that the power of social media became apparent to pretty much everyone in the UK. This week social networks have allowed the powers of light to win three victories over the powers of darkness. It started on… Continue reading The Power of Social Media

Insane Terms and Conditions

Whilst waiting for my comment to be published on the Daily Mail web site, I took a quick glance at their terms and conditions – just to ensure that there wasn’t some obvious rule that I was breaking by calling attention to their hypocrisy. I didn’t find the “you can’t disagree with us” rule, but… Continue reading Insane Terms and Conditions

An Experiment

Tim has been talking about the Daily Mail’s comment moderation policy recently. It seems that any comment which fails to endorse the Mail’s editorial policy is very unlikely to be published on their site. So here’s an experiment. On their web site today (I assume it’s in the paper too, but I haven’t looked), they… Continue reading An Experiment

Daily Mail on Chrome

It’s very unlikely that you haven’t heard of Chrome, the browser that Google launched last week. If you’re running Windows then you may have even tried it out. Those of you (and I assume it’s most of you) who follow tech news will also know that there was some confusion over Chrome’s licence agreement during… Continue reading Daily Mail on Chrome

Journalists and Maths

Why can’t journalists understand simple maths? Today it’s the turn of the Daily Mail to get it spectacularly wrong. The worthless degrees that add nothing to your pay Graduates with degrees in accountancy will earn almost double in their lifetime than their counterparts with an arts degree, research suggests. … But accountancy graduates gained the… Continue reading Journalists and Maths

Misogyny is Alive and Well in 2007

I’ve read two things this morning that show that even in the 21st century, misogyny and sexism are alive and well. Firstly, here’s brian d foy writing about a nasty advert that was published in a Linux magazine recently. The company involved seem to think that drawing a comparison between their products and oral sex… Continue reading Misogyny is Alive and Well in 2007

Petronella Wyatt on Wikipedia

You have to laugh at the way that many newspapers are still struggling to make sense of the internet. In many cases it’s largely because their writers have no idea what they are talking about when they are covering the subject. Here’s a great example from the Daily Mail. On Sunday, Daily Mail columnist Petronella… Continue reading Petronella Wyatt on Wikipedia

Daily Mail Explodes

This was never going to go down well with the Daily Mail crowd South Park, the cartoon series that has pushed the bounds of taste for a decade, has perhaps produced its most spectacularly offensive episode yet. Certainly Her Majesty is unlikely to be amused by a programme that shows her blowing her brains out.… Continue reading Daily Mail Explodes

“Free” Banking

Today the Daily Mail is very angry about the possible end of free banking. Banks and building societies are moving to kill off free banking as they prepare to unveil record profits of more than £40 billion. Industry leaders claim compulsory monthly fees on current accounts, which are common in North America and Europe, are… Continue reading “Free” Banking