Dali and Film

Yesterday we went to the Dali and Film exhibition that is currently running at the Tate modern. Alongside many of his paintings they were showing a number of Dali’s experiments with film. Most people will know about Dali’s work with Buñuel[1] and the dream sequence from Hitchcock’s Spellbound but there’s plenty of his lesser-known work […]

Gilbert and George

Gilbert and George are on top form again. Their new exhibition is called “Sonofagod Pictures: Was Jesus Heterosexual?” and it opens at the White Cube gallery today. Even before the opening they’ve managed to grab just the right amount of press coverage by getting rent-a-bigot (and Tory MP) Ann Widdecombe to describe them as “blasphemous […]

Roy Lichtenstein

Yesterday I went to see the new Roy Lichtenstein exhibition (warning – Flash and sound) at the Hayward Gallery. As an avid comics fan, my earliest memories of “proper art” are of Lichtenstein works like Whaam! or Image Duplicator. This exhibition has lots of that stuff, but also a lot of newer[1] works that I […]

Earth From The Air

I spent some time yesterday at the Natural History Museum. In the grounds they have an exhibition based on Earth From The Air, a book of fabulous photographs that have been taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. There are some examples online here. The book containing the photos was in every bookshop late last year, but the […]

The Weather Project

I finally went to see The Weather Project yesterday. I think that of the four large works that the Tate Modern has had in the Turbine Room this is my favourite – with Kapoor’s Marsyas a close second. The Turbine Room is such a huge space that any work of art built on that scale […]

How Not To Go To The Theatre

I made a massive screw-up this week. My step-daughter is doing her GCSEs next year. One of the plays she will be studying is Romeo & Juliet. As it’s currently playing at the Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park and the Open Air Theatre is one of the best places to see any kind of […]