Roy Lichtenstein

Yesterday I went to see the new Roy Lichtenstein exhibition (warning – Flash and sound) at the Hayward Gallery.

As an avid comics fan, my earliest memories of “proper art” are of Lichtenstein works like Whaam! or Image Duplicator. This exhibition has lots of that stuff, but also a lot of newer[1] works that I hadn’t seen before. My favourites of these were a number of paintings from Landscapes in the Chinese Style (which I can’t find pictures of anywhere on the web[2]).

All in all, it’s an interesting retrospective on one of the best artists of the last century. I recommend that you see it.

[1] I say “newer” but Lichtenstein died in 1997.
[2] The biggest respository of Lichtenstein’s paintings on the web seems to be the Image Duplicator – but it can be a bit hard to search.


  1. Just been to see it – it’s fantastic. I wasn’t a great fan of his before, although I liked the odd one or two that tended to be shown in the permanent collections of the Tates. These paintings really have to be seen, rather than facsimilies.Agree about the newer stuff, mesmerising.

  2. I saw the Landscapes in the Chinese Style exhibit at Boston’s MFA three times – I couldn’t get enough.There exist at least two posters of the exhibit. You can find one of the fairly easily on the net – the other I can never find.There also exists a book which is a catalogue of an exhibit of the Chinese-style landscapes that was held at a museum in Singapore – the book apparently has images of all of the paintings in the exhibit. I don’t have the info right now, but I found the book by searching on google.

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