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I’m not entirely sure what the connection is, but on Tom Robinson’s web site I’ve just found the complete text of the KLF’s The Manual (How To Have A Number One The Easy Way).

I’m sure that the general principles they talk about still hold true, but it’s interesting how much the music industry has changed in the fifteen years (!) since it was fisrt published. Rather than finding a cheap recording studio, I bet that most first singles are now recorded on a Mac in someone’s bedroom. And I’m sure that Radio 1 no longer holds the power that it used to. These days you need to get a video on MTV a month before the record is released rather than making one to be shown on TOTP in the week your record enters the charts.

Still, an interesting historical document and a fascinating read. And, most importantly, it’s galvanised me into digging out my old KLF records and ripping them.

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