Dali and Film

Dali and Film
Dali and Film

Yesterday we went to the Dali and Film exhibition that is currently running at the Tate modern.

Alongside many of his paintings they were showing a number of Dali’s experiments with film. Most people will know about Dali’s work with Buñuel[1] and the dream sequence from Hitchcock’s Spellbound but there’s plenty of his lesser-known work on show too.

My favourite was Destino, a short film that Dali worked on with Walt Disney in 1946. The film was shelved and was only completed in 2003 using computer animation. It’s fabulous – in at least two meanings of the word.

If you have any interest at all in surrealism, film or Dali (and who isn’t interested in one of those things?) then you should really go and see this exhibition. You’ll love it.

[1] Confession time. I hadn’t seen Un Chien Andalou until yesterday.

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