Gilbert and George

Gilbert and George are on top form again. Their new exhibition is called “Sonofagod Pictures: Was Jesus Heterosexual?” and it opens at the White Cube gallery today.

Even before the opening they’ve managed to grab just the right amount of press coverage by getting rent-a-bigot (and Tory MP) Ann Widdecombe to describe them as “blasphemous in the extreme”. The Guardian quotes the artists’ response:

Gilbert: Christians are abusive to humans – to women, to queers. They threaten us with hell.
George: That’s offensive, not us.


  1. Gilbert and George, who the fuck are they.From what I have read on here, and its not a lot, I don`t want to either.Are they supposed to be clever (snigger snigger), and who the fuck actually pays them money ( oooooooooh, could it be the intelligent and clever people ) the ones that are supposed to run are lives.What a load of bollocks.Have fun.

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