Replying To Email

Recently I’ve been getting more and more annoyed with people who don’t know the difference between the “reply” and “reply all” buttons in their email programs. You get an email from a friend that goes to a group of people. Perhaps it’s about arranging to meet up for a drink. You hit “reply all” and suggest some potential dates in an email that goes to everyone who recieved the original message. But then someone replies to your message pointing out which of those dates they can’t make and they only send it to you because they hit “reply” instead of “reply all”. At the same time other people are replying to the original message but only sending their reply to the original sender. The conversation becomes fragmented and no-one has a complete picture of what’s going on.

It’s much easier to just stay in and watch the television.

Your email program has two ways to reply to a message. Please learn the usefulness of “reply all”.


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