You don’t have to be stupid to work for Radio 1. But it often helps.

Someone called Dom, writes on the Chris Moyles show blog:

Now then – the BBC has its own in-house magazine called Ariel. This
name is very clever as it can relate to a TV ariel or a radio ariel.

Two basic mistakes here. Firstly if you’re talking about a TV or radio antenna, then the correct spelling of “ariel” is “aerial”. Secondly, the BBC magazine is called “Ariel” after the Eric Gill statue of Shakespeare’s Prospero and Ariel on the front of Broadcasting House.

Makes you wonder what they teach them at school these days.


How Not To Go To The Theatre

I made a massive screw-up this week.

My step-daughter is doing her GCSEs next year. One of the plays she will be studying is Romeo & Juliet. As it’s currently playing at the Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park and the Open Air Theatre is one of the best places to see any kind of theatre we decided that we’d take her along to see it there.

So I was put in charge of buying three tickets, which I did via their web site on Monday. I book tickets for last night. Saturday, 17th. Except I didn’t.

When we got there, I went to the box office to pick up the tickets. I gave the chap my name and showed him my credit card. “Did you book on the internet?” he asked. Then he showed me the booking he had found on their database. It was for the previous night – Friday 16th.

“Please tell me that you still have tickets for tonight”, I pleaded – dreading going to tell my family that we wouldn’t be seeing any theatre. They were sold out, but he did have a group of three returns. They were better than our original seats.

“I’ll have to sell them to you”, he explained, “As it wasn’t our fault.” I agreed. He as they started to complete the transaction he had a change of heart. “Tell you what”, he said, “paying full price twice really sucks. I’ll give you these for our cheapest price.” So he sold us three £17 tickets for £8.50 each. It’s really nice to know that there are people like that still about.

Shame about the play tho’. Romeo & Juliet isn’t one of my favourite Shakespeare plays. And this production really wasn’t very good.