You don’t have to be stupid to work for Radio 1. But it often helps.

Someone called Dom, writes on the Chris Moyles show blog:

Now then – the BBC has its own in-house magazine called Ariel. This
name is very clever as it can relate to a TV ariel or a radio ariel.

Two basic mistakes here. Firstly if you’re talking about a TV or radio antenna, then the correct spelling of “ariel” is “aerial”. Secondly, the BBC magazine is called “Ariel” after the Eric Gill statue of Shakespeare’s Prospero and Ariel on the front of Broadcasting House.

Makes you wonder what they teach them at school these days.

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  1. Dom’s a morning news reader. As far as I know, most of his shift runs over the Chris Moyles show.First, IMO, I’d like to think that schools have better things to teach than how to spell a little used word that has 3 different variations (if you count the font of the same name)!Second, he wasn’t technically wrong. He didn’t comment on it being the same spelling, or even that the statue was named after it. He just said you can relate – which is correct (bare in mind we’re talking about the average Chris Moyles show listener, so perhaps he felt the need to simplify!!).I’ll say to you the same thing I said to the guy that felt the need to comment when I spelt “bandwidth” as “bandwith” on a blog post (even though I’d spelt it correctly throughout several times in the post) – does it really matter? I think this is more of a personal peev than being proof that this guy is an idiot.One last thing – my cousin has mild dyslexia and occasionally misspells obvious words, but I’m not sure that questionable schooling is to blame. Not that I’m justifying Dom’s “mistake” with this, but perhaps its something to think about before labelling someone as stupid?

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