This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Last night I watched This Film Is Not Yet Rated, the documentary about the MPAA‘s film ratings system. It was an interesting film that raised a number of valid criticisms about the ratings system, but ultimately I think it was too intent on blaming the MPAA and completely missed a far deeper issue. First the… Continue reading This Film Is Not Yet Rated

The Golden Compass – A Review

I saw The Golden Compass last night. In summary, I thought it was a pretty good adaptation. At times it moved a bit faster than I wanted it to, but that’s only to be expected from a two-hour film based on such a complex book. If you read on, there will be spoilers for both… Continue reading The Golden Compass – A Review

Catholic Call to Boycott “Golden Compass”

In December 2004 I bemoaned the fact that god was to be cut from the film versions of His Dark Materials. The first film will be released in a couple of months’ time and I see (via MediaWatchWatch) that the cuts from The Golden Compass aren’t deep enough the satisfy the Catholic League who have… Continue reading Catholic Call to Boycott “Golden Compass”

Not Going to the Cinema

It rained today. I don’t mean in that usual London “oh, look it’s raining” kind of way. I mean in a “bloody hell, it’s really raining” kind of way. Torrential rain. But in twenty minute spurts that are separated by bright sunshine. We were caught in in whilst we were out for a walk this… Continue reading Not Going to the Cinema

An Inconvenient Truth

I’ve just got back from seeing An Inconvenient Truth. It was a well-made and interesting film. but not as life-changing as other people seem to have found it. The film largely consists of a lecture about climate change that Al Gore has given many times (he says over a thousand) over the last few years.… Continue reading An Inconvenient Truth