What Is Marriage?

There’s another major flaw in Cardinal O’Brien’s arguments against gay marriage. In his article he says “No Government has the moral authority to dismantle the universally understood meaning of marriage.” He seems to believe that there is some immutable definition of marriage that has always been true and that he is bravely defending. Let’s examine… Continue reading What Is Marriage?

Marriage in the UDHR

In his article arguing against gay marriage, Cardinal Keith O’Brien twice referred to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, saying that article 16 clearly defined marriage as a relationship between a man and woman. In my response to his article I made the assumption that he, at least, knew what he was talking about here… Continue reading Marriage in the UDHR

We Cannot Afford To Indulge This Madness

By “this madness”, of course, I mean religious leaders talking about what society wants without bothering to ask them. The latest example is this piece in the Telegraph by Cardinal Keith O’Brien. Let’s take a close look at what he says. The Government is this month launching a consultation on same-sex marriage, asking the public… Continue reading We Cannot Afford To Indulge This Madness

It’s Only A Cracker

Obscure bits of religious  dogma are causing a bit of a ridiculous argument over in the USA. It seems that crackers need to be treated with the right level of respect if you don’t want the might of the Catholic League coming after you. It’s not just any old cracker, of course. Oh no. It… Continue reading It’s Only A Cracker

Damned If You Do…

The story so far: The people behind the films based on His Dark Materials decided to remove any direct references to god in order to avoid offending religious people. However, the Catholic League decided that the cuts weren’t deep enough and called for a boycott of the film. Now we get this: Christian groups such… Continue reading Damned If You Do…

Catholic Call to Boycott “Golden Compass”

In December 2004 I bemoaned the fact that god was to be cut from the film versions of His Dark Materials. The first film will be released in a couple of months’ time and I see (via MediaWatchWatch) that the cuts from The Golden Compass aren’t deep enough the satisfy the Catholic League who have… Continue reading Catholic Call to Boycott “Golden Compass”