London Orbital Rail Network

I haven’t fully digested it yet, but there was an interesting-looking debate in Westminister Hall yesterday about plans for a London Orbital Rail Network. I only noticed it because the debate was called for by my MP, Martin Linton (whose constituency includes Clapham Junction). From I’ve read so far, a lot of the discussion revolves… Continue reading London Orbital Rail Network

Tube Delays

This morning the BBC news warned me that my part of the Northern Line was suspended because of “overrunning engineering work.” However, it seems that “overrunning engineering work” was a bit of a euphemism. I subscribe to a tube alert SMS service and the message I got from that was a little more honest. SEVERE… Continue reading Tube Delays

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EasyJet (part 2)

EasyJet had one last surprise for me. My plane from Stansted was delayed by over an hour. I was supposed to arrive in Amsterdam at about 17:00 local time. I finally landed at about 22:45 and eventually got to my hotel just before midnight. Which wouldn’t have really been a problem, but there were some… Continue reading EasyJet (part 2)