Illogical Thought

Today I’m mainly quietly seething about illogical and superstitious morons who want to destroy the relatively sophisticated view of the world that we’ve built up over the last few hundred years. And, no, I’m not talking about muslims (though they certainly fit the bill). In this case I’m talking about christians. It started this morning… Continue reading Illogical Thought

The Education of Shelby Knox

Two years ago I wrote about watching the documentary Texas Teenage Virgins. One of the comments on that post recommended The Education of Shelby Knox as another good documentary on the same topic. Last night it was shown on ITV4 so I watched it. It’s set in Lubbock, the same Texas town as the previous… Continue reading The Education of Shelby Knox

The Root of All Evil?

I’ve just watched the first part of Richard Dawkin’s The Root of all Evil? which I videoed earlier in the week. And it was great. Dawkins is, of course, a well-known atheist. But when given an hour of prime-time television by Channel Four he really didn’t pull any punches. He starts by describing the “process… Continue reading The Root of All Evil?

A Brief History of Disbelief

Most TV documentaries have been dumbed down to such an extent that they are often unwatchable. Programme makers seem to think that it’s impossible to explain concepts to the viewer without flashy graphics or re-enactment of key scenes. And a lot of time is wasted telling us what we are about see or what we… Continue reading A Brief History of Disbelief

Touched By His Noodly Appendage

I must have missed this news when it was announced a couple of days ago. Archeologists have discovered evidence of noodles that were eaten in China 4000 years ago. Which obviously means that Pastafarianism has been around at least two thousand years longer than christianity. Christians, give up your false gods and start worshipping the… Continue reading Touched By His Noodly Appendage