Creationist Idiocy in the UK

To “celebrate” the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, Theos (the religious think-tank) commissioned a survey into the public perceptions of Darwin’s theories. The results were published yesterday and do not make comforting reading. It seems that about half of the UK don’t accept Darwin’s findings and only about a quarter of us… Continue reading Creationist Idiocy in the UK

Faith Schools Petition

I mentioned this when I signed it a year ago, but I’ve just noticed that today is the closing date for the petition to abolish faith schools. There are currently 19,063 on the petition. It would be great if it could get to 20,000 by the end of the day. So if you’re the kind… Continue reading Faith Schools Petition

The Wrecking of British Science

Excellent article in today’s Guardian by Nobel laureate Harry Kroto. I was happy enough when he was making points like Thirty per cent of physics departments have either been closed or merged in the past five years. What is one to make of the deafening silence of ministers when, last year, the small Sussex chemistry… Continue reading The Wrecking of British Science

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Worthless Religions

Why do so many people get so irrational when discussing religion? I realise, of course, that religion itself is completely irrational, but there’s no excuse for not discussing it rationally. There’s a story on the BBC News site today about an Islamic school in West London. People are complaining because it uses textbooks that are… Continue reading Worthless Religions