Homeopathy Petition Response

A year ago, the House of Commons science and technology committee published the results of its evidence check on homeopathy. The committee’s findings were unequivocal and the report strongly recommended against the NHS continuing to waste money on treatments that did nothing. Soon after that I set up a petition asking the government to implement… Continue reading Homeopathy Petition Response

Petition Closed Prematurely

Earlier this year, I created a petition on the (then) government’s petition web site. The petition called for the government to fully implement the recommendations of the┬áHouse of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s Evidence Check on Homeopathy – basically calling on the government to stop wasting money on homeopathy. The petition was due to be… Continue reading Petition Closed Prematurely

Homeopathy Petition

We’re all, of course, very happy about the results of the House of Commons Science and Technology committee’s evidence check on homeopathy. But it’s important to realise exactly what has happened. This is a House of Commons committee which has produced a list of recommendations. The government is under no obligation at all to take… Continue reading Homeopathy Petition

Extending Number 10 Petitions

Like many people I’ve signed a few petitions on the Number 10 Downing St web site. Although I like the idea of this site, signing a petition is almost always a disappointing experience. To be more accurate it’s not the signing that’s the disappointment, it’s the response from the Government that turns up by email… Continue reading Extending Number 10 Petitions

Wasting Prime Ministerial Time

I’ve submitted a petition to the government’s petition site. Here’s what it says. We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stop leading tributes to pointless celebrities and to spend more time running the country Since when was it part of the Prime Minister’s job to lead the country in public displays of grief for… Continue reading Wasting Prime Ministerial Time

Faith Schools Petition

I mentioned this when I signed it a year ago, but I’ve just noticed that today is the closing date for the petition to abolish faith schools. There are currently 19,063 on the petition. It would be great if it could get to 20,000 by the end of the day. So if you’re the kind… Continue reading Faith Schools Petition