Quoting Illiterates (Update)

An email has flooded in about my previous post confirming that I was being too harsh. My correspondent points out that the mother was illiterate, she was just using “txtspk” which, whilst not being a dialect that many people enjoy reading, is still becoming an acceptable language amongst the young. I don’t agree with this… Continue reading Quoting Illiterates (Update)

Double Negatives

If there’s one time in your life when it pays to be very careful about what you’re saying, then it’s when you’re answering questions about crimes that you have been accused of. You know, there’s that whole “anything you say will be taken down and can be used in evidence against you” thing going on.… Continue reading Double Negatives

Agents Can’t Read

Not that anyone is going to be surprised by this, but it seems that a number of recruitment agents have problems with basic reading skills. This morning I got three emails from agents containing details of potential jobs. In two of the three cases they were actually quite good matches for my skills. But, of… Continue reading Agents Can’t Read