Hack Day

Hack day sounds fun. Two days of hacking and socialising at Alexandra Palace. All the cool kids[1] are going to be there. Are you? The language on the official site is a bit “legal”. Tom Coates explains in English. [1] Places are limited. I hope I’m cool enough :-)

Real DJs Code Live

This is very cool. An article in Wired features a member of london.pm Some DJs spin vinyl or twiddle fader knobs. Others write subroutines in C++. A new brand of music maestro is turning programming into performance, eschewing turntables for a compiler and a mind for syntax structure. “Livecoding” practitioners improvise using Perl or homemade… Continue reading Real DJs Code Live

BBC Programme Catalogue

From the Guardian Ashley Highfield, the BBC director of new media and technology, also announced proposals to put the corporation’s entire programme catalogue online for the first time from tomorrow in written archive form, as an “experimental prototype” This is the cool Ruby on Rails project that Matt Biddulph was working on last year. More… Continue reading BBC Programme Catalogue

The McCarroll-Cross Productivity Indicator

In my opinion one of the best and most important talks at last Saturday’s London Perl Workshop was the first talk in the beginners track where Greg McCarroll talked about “Rediscovering the Joys of Perl”. Greg introduced a couple of quick hacks that he had written to make his life better. He went on to… Continue reading The McCarroll-Cross Productivity Indicator

BBC Programme Catalogue

When I saw him in Amsterdam, Matt was talking about a secret project he was doing for the BBC. And now he has revealed what it is. He’s putting a web front end on the BBC Programme Catalogue. That’s a database that contains details of almost a million programmes that the BBC have broadcast over… Continue reading BBC Programme Catalogue

On Databases

Last week David Heinemeier Hansson wrote a rather controversial piece about the use of stored procedures, triggers and relational constraints in databases. Later in the week Alex Bunardzic backed him up. What they both seem to be saying is that because we now have powerful tools to represent our data models in code[1] then there… Continue reading On Databases