Post Office Promotes Junk Mail

Interesting story in today’s Times. Postman Roger Annies was getting tired of the amount of junk mail that he was delivering, so he decided to do something about it. He designed and delivered his own leaflets, full of advice on how to cut down on the amount of junk mail you recieve.

But unfortunately, the Post Office took a rather dim view of this public service. Delivery junk mail is a lucrative souce of income for the Post Office and as a result Mr. Annies has been accused of misconduct and suspended.

Trust the Post Office to put profit before customer satisfaction!

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Ah but the “customer” in this case is the sender, who’s paying, not the receiver. It’s true that the receivers are also likely to be senders too but they’ll always be a less important customer than those who spend the most. That’s just business.


I would be happy to pay more for my postage if it means I don’t have to wade through piles of meaningless junk mail every day.The other down side of junk mail is that it uses up masses of paper and consequently it results in more trees being cut down (not good for the environment)By the way, does anyone have a copy of the leaflet he was distributing. I’d like to see it myself.

I have decided to save all unaddressed mail that is delivered to me by the postman, and put it into a Post Box every few days. If enough of us do this it willcreate a problem at the sorting offices, and the Post Office might start to reconsider the wisdom of delivering all this waste that no-one wants. Perhaps you might join in, and also spread the idea. We need to start to do something that will make a difference.

I saw the message from Steve 5/9/06 and was really pleased to hear someone doing the same. If we give the post office enough extra work it should make it uneconomic for them. They can either stop it or raise their charges so high that it will collapse anyway.

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