1. ActiveRecord Does It Wrong

    I’m listening to the keynotes on the final day of EuroOSCON and David Heinemeier Hansson is talking about the secrets…

  2. Dave Cross, data munger

    Dave Cross, London based perl guy, has long been in my pingoshere. Picks up on techs trends, not ASAP, but as they start crossing the chasm. And summarizes them. Also a fierce advocate for good customer service, with emphasis on…

  3. You are discounting stored procedures as central to an ORM framework, and I would argue with that. One entirely appropriate design choice is to maintain data integrity by making CRUD operations available only through stored procedures, and to maintain user permissions by restricting the permissions on those stored procedures. I would like to see (and may get around to writing) an ORM for Ruby that depends upon stored procedures (with a particular naming scheme, following the same “convention over configuration” that ActiveRecord and Rails in general promotes) for its database interaction.

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