Homeopathy Petition Response

A year ago, the House of Commons science and technology committee published the results of its evidence check on homeopathy. The committee’s findings were unequivocal and the report strongly recommended against the NHS continuing to waste money on treatments that did nothing. Soon after that I set up a petition asking the government to implement the recommendations of the report.

The petition received over 1600 signatures before the petition site was suspended for last year’s general election. And when the election was over and we finally got our new government they announced that the petition site would be closed down. They also said that any petition that had been signed by 500 people would receive a response from the government.

Whilst I waited for my response, it became obvious what it would be as the new government published their response to the report. The response pretty much ignored any of the committee’s findings and made it clear that the NHS would be free to continue wasting money on magic water. A clear indication of this government’s commitment to evidence-based policy making.

Yesterday the government finally emailed the petition’s signatories with its response. There’s nothing surprising there. They just reaffirm that the NHS will continue to waste this money. It’s all very disappointing but not very surprising.

The response includes a link to this page which it claims explains the government’s decision in more detail. Unfortunately that’s a link to a completely unrelated page. I think they probably meant to link to this page instead.

So, no change. This government is still happy to waste NHS money on ridiculous treatments and the new government has just as much trouble understanding scientific evidence as the previous one did.

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