N91 Review

There’s a brief review of the N91 in today’s Guardian, which reminds me to mention two small annoyances that I’ve found with it.

Firstly, although it supports video calls there is no camera on the front of the phone. This means that if you’re making a video call then the other person can’t see you. Unless you turn the phone over. At which point you can’t see them. Not that I make many (any!) video calls, but it seems a bit of a stupid design decision.

Secondly, the battery life is a bit rubbish. I can still remember my old Nokia 6310i which would go for over a week without needing to be charged. I need to charge the N91 every 48 hours. I’m always forgetting this and end up spending an afternoon (like this afternoon) listening to the phone plaintively beeping at me every hour or so to remind me to recharge it.

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