Steve Jones at the Royal Academy

I found a couple of reports of this week’s evolution lecture. Firstly a write-up from a blogger who was lucky enough to get in and secondly a review at The Register. The Register also gives a link to a statement issued by the Royal Society about evolution, creationism and intelligent design. Science has proved enormously… Continue reading Steve Jones at the Royal Academy

Why Creationism is Wrong and Evolution is Right

I failed to get in to Steve Jones’s lecture at the Royal Society last night. Unfortunately, I didn’t fail to get in until I had been standing in the rain for over half an hour. Apparently there was room for 500 people in the hall and I estimate that at least 200 were turned away.… Continue reading Why Creationism is Wrong and Evolution is Right

Creationism in Schools

According to the Guardian Pupils in England will be required to discuss creationist theories as part of a new GCSE biology course being introduced in September. If you must discuss creationism in schools then it belongs in religious education classes along with all the other superstitious nonsense. It certainly doesn’t belong in a science class.… Continue reading Creationism in Schools

Secular Synchronicity

Since watching Richard Dawkins’ The Root of All Evil? I’ve noticed myself becoming less tolerant of religious beliefs. I really think that it’s time for rational thinkers to stand up and be counted. I’ve been discussing this with a few friends, but within my circle of friends that’s largely… er.. preaching to the converted. On… Continue reading Secular Synchronicity

Academics Fight Rise of Creationism at Universities

After what I wrote yesterday about the christian influence on education, there’s a good article in today’s Guardian about how creationism is on the rise in British universities. In the United States there is growing pressure to teach creationism or “intelligent design” in science classes, despite legal rulings against it. Now similar trends in this… Continue reading Academics Fight Rise of Creationism at Universities

More Stupid People

The BBC is reporting new UK government findings about the impact of greenhouse gases. It makes chilling reading: The report, published by the UK government, says there is only a small chance of greenhouse gas emissions being kept below “dangerous” levels. It fears the Greenland ice sheet is likely to melt, leading sea levels to… Continue reading More Stupid People

Britons Unconvinced on Evolution

Feeling smug about not being American is, of course, practically a national sport her in the UK. And one of the best things to be smug about is ridiculously high percentage of Americans who think that creationism (or “intelligent design”) is a reasonable way to explain the creation of the universe. People in the UK… Continue reading Britons Unconvinced on Evolution

One Side Can Be Wrong

It’s tempting to quote huge swathes of Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne’s article from today’s Guardian as it does such a great job of debunking the idea that “intelligent design” should be taught in science classes. But I’ll resist and just give you a couple of the best paragraphs. Here’s one good one Intelligent design… Continue reading One Side Can Be Wrong