Secular Synchronicity

Since watching Richard Dawkins’ The Root of All Evil? I’ve noticed myself becoming less tolerant of religious beliefs. I really think that it’s time for rational thinkers to stand up and be counted. I’ve been discussing this with a few friends, but within my circle of friends that’s largely… er.. preaching to the converted. On the tube last night I was wondering what my next steps might be if I wanted to get really involved in the fight againt medievalism.

And then as I was leaving the tube station someone thrust a leaflet into my hand. It said “Catholicism for the Curious”. It seems that my local catholic church is running a month of events trying to draw more people into its clutches. It starts tonight with a talk called “Is there God after Dawkins?” There’s a web site too.

If I was the kind of person who believed in such things, I’d be thinking that this was all a sign and that I’m meant to go along.


  1. Well, I’d be loathe to give up my Friday night, but if you could convince just one Catholic that Dawkins is right, it might be worth it. I have a feeling your words would fall on deaf ears though.

  2. “Synchronicity wins” is a blog worth looking at…no religion….no coincidence….no following science blindly….real mathematics….etc

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