2013 in Gigs

According to Songkick, I saw 60 gigs in 2013. That’s quite an improvement on my previous record of 50 in 2011 and well past 2012’s rather disappointing 36. Songkick have stopped doing their excellent “My Year” feature, so I don’t have quite as many facts and figures at my fingertips. If they don’t do something… Continue reading 2013 in Gigs

Review of 2011: Most Popular Posts

As I’ve done for the last few years I’m going to spend a couple of days looking back at the year on this blog. Firstly, here’s a list of the ten most popular posts on the blog this year. Winterval. No surprise here. Because I monitor the Mail’s Corrections and Clarifications column, I was one… Continue reading Review of 2011: Most Popular Posts

Review of 2010: Favourite Posts

Here’s my list of my own favourite posts from the blog this year. As in previous years I’ve tried to pick one from each month (but August is missing as I didn’t write a single entry all month). Andrew Wakefield The doctor who manufactured the MMR “controversy” was censured by the General Medical Council. I… Continue reading Review of 2010: Favourite Posts

Review of 2010: Most Popular Posts

As is becoming traditional, I’m going spend a couple of posts rounding up the last year on my blog. Today I’ll list the ten most read posts and tomorrow I’ll look at some of my favourites. Alice in Wonderland I really wasn’t very impressed with Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland. But I saw… Continue reading Review of 2010: Most Popular Posts

PCC: An Important Update

Last week I pointed you at a petition that you could sign to support our suggestions for reforming the PCC. Things went fine for a day or so and the number of signatures easily sailed past 500. Then, for reasons we still haven’t understood, the petition vanished from the site where it was hosted. Despite… Continue reading PCC: An Important Update

Press Complaints Commission

One of the major topics on this blog is the nonsense that is printed by a significant proportion of the British press. The press in this country is “controlled” by the Press Complaints Commission, but in the majority of cases the PCC either can’t or won’t adjudicate effectively. Every year the PCC invites interested parties… Continue reading Press Complaints Commission

Review of 2009: Favourite Posts

Following on from my earlier list of the most popular posts on this site over the last year, here is a list of my favourite posts. As last year, I’ve chosen one from each month. HopeNot many posts to choose from in January so I’ve chosen one where I tried to sum up the hope… Continue reading Review of 2009: Favourite Posts