Review of 2010: Favourite Posts

Here’s my list of my own favourite posts from the blog this year. As in previous years I’ve tried to pick one from each month (but August is missing as I didn’t write a single entry all month).

  • Andrew Wakefield
    The doctor who manufactured the MMR “controversy” was censured by the General Medical Council. I particularly wanted to draw attention to the nonsense found in the comments on the Daily Mail story. The Daily Mail was, of course, one of the papers that gave a lot of coverage to Wakefield’s nonsense – without bothering to check the facts.
  • Homeopathic Dilutions
    Another story that was inspired by the Daily Mail. They ran a story on homeopathy and one of the comments was from someone who obviously didn’t understand just how diluted homeopathic products are. This was an attempt to set him right.
  • The Learning Guitar
    A rare example of sentimentality on the blog as I lamented the end of the guitar that I had owned for over thirty-five years.
  • Modern Campaigning
    Some thoughts about the general election campaign – specifically on how it didn’t turn out to be the digital campaign that many of us were expecting.
  • Programme for Government
    Our new government issued a document describing its plans. I examined it for information about some of the subjects that the rationalist/skeptical community might be interested in. I was very disappointed.
  • On the Intelligence of MPs
    A discussion of how many MPs seem determined to demonstrate their lack of intelligence by supporting nonsense like homeopathy.
  • Greens and Science
    One of the MPs who signed an EDM supporting homeopathy was the Green Party’s first MP, Caroline Lucas. This seemed strange given her party’s policy on scientific evidence and medicine.
  • Where’s Your Data
    A look at some of the potential downsides of storing your data in the cloud.
  • 38 Degrees
    The internet is making it easier to contact your MP. But, if you’re not careful, that contact can do more harm that good. I looked at how 38 Degrees run the risk of annoying MPs.
  • Web Site Links
    A recurring theme this year (particularly when writing about Iain Dale or Nadine Dorries) was bloggers who don’t link to articles they are writing about. I explained why I thought it was a good idea to link to your sources and came up with some theories about why people might not do it.
  • The War You Don’t See
    A review of John Pilger’s latest documentary.

It was harder to choose the list this year – largely because I haven’t been blogging so much this year and therefore there was less to choose from. But I shall try to blog more in 2011.

Thanks for reading.

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