PCC: An Important Update

Last week I pointed you at a petition that you could sign to support our suggestions for reforming the PCC. Things went fine for a day or so and the number of signatures easily sailed past 500. Then, for reasons we still haven’t understood, the petition vanished from the site where it was hosted. Despite valiant efforts by Tim Ireland to resolve the problem, the petition remains missing in action.

This leaves us with a huge problem. The deadline for submitting these proposals is approaching fast. In fact one of the deadlines is today. We no longer have access to the petition and we can’t even get the list of names of people who had already signed.

There is one solution. We can all submit the suggestions independently by email.

If you support our suggestions (and even if you have already signed the petition), can you please email a copy of the suggestions to the two email addresses below. The suggestions are listed on my previous blog entry. The two email addresses are Vivien Hepworth, Chairman, (PCC) Independent Governance Review – and Ian Beales, Code Committee Secretary, Editor’s Code of Practive Committee The deadline for the first address is today (hence the urgency) and the deadline for the second address is 31st January. I suggest you do what I’m going to do and send the same mail to both addresses this afternoon.

Apologies for the short notice and for asking you to support the same campaign twice.

More details over on Tim’s blog.

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