Constitutional Misunderstandings

This is the third time I can remember a Prime Minister handing over power to a successor from the same party without a general election. Wilson handed over to Callaghan in 1976 and Thatcher handed over (albeit unwillingly) to Major in 1990. Every time this happens the same constitutional misunderstandings are heard. People start insisting… Continue reading Constitutional Misunderstandings

Early Day Motion on Creationism in UK Schools

Following on from yesterday’s piece about “Truth” In Science trying to get their crackpot creationist theories taught in British schools, I see that MP Graham Stringer has tabled an Early Day Motion on this issue. You might consider popping over to WriteToThem and asking your MP to sign this EDM.

Eroding Freedoms

I’ve been concentrating on other things recently, so I haven’t had time to post about the new limits on demonstrations around parliament. Luckily, Robin over at has summarised it all nicely so I don’t have to. But looking at it in a wider context, it’s just one more step along a path which increasingly… Continue reading Eroding Freedoms