Last night over on the bizarrely named “Tory Totty Online” blog I was almost accused of suffering from OCD. I say “almost accused” as the author played that silly game of not quite joining the dots. She defined OCD, she said “certain bloggers seem to be having recurring obsessive thoughts about other certain bloggers” and… Continue reading Obsession

Conversations with CateyMaxx

Summarising @Nadine_MP‘s “informed consent” ideas: A woman can’t have an abortion until a christian nutter has tried to scare her out of it? That’s the content of a tweet that I sent just before 6pm last night. I thought it nicely summed up the reasons behind Nadine Dorries’ recent speech in Parliament. I didn’t, of… Continue reading Conversations with CateyMaxx

Where’s Your Data

We hear a lot of talk about how cloud computing is the future. Those of us who still run some of our own internet infrastructure are increasingly seen as slightly eccentric and old-fashioned. Why would anyone host their own mail server when we have Gmail or run their own blog when there is WordPress or… Continue reading Where’s Your Data

Polite Discourse

So today was the day that I was called a “sack of shit” by one of the UK’s most popular political bloggers. It was all pretty silly really. I didn’t even really disagree with what he had written. I just pointed out that his blog entry had two completely unattributed quotations. It’s Iain’s blog, of… Continue reading Polite Discourse

Blog Nation 2010

Yesterday, I was at Liberal Conspiracy’s Blog Nation 2010 conference. This was a chance for left liberal bloggers to get together and discuss strategies we can adopt now that we find ourselves in opposition (or a minority partner in the coalition government). Sunny has already blogged his thoughts on how the conference went. He asked… Continue reading Blog Nation 2010

Iain Dale Talks Balls

Iain Dale has some new and interesting information about Labour Party leadership contender, Ed Balls. Apparently whilst he was at Oxford in the  80s, Balls was a member of the Conservative Association there. Except, of course, the news isn’t as new or interesting as Dale would have you believe. Dale quotes from an article in… Continue reading Iain Dale Talks Balls

Review of 2009: Favourite Posts

Following on from my earlier list of the most popular posts on this site over the last year, here is a list of my favourite posts. As last year, I’ve chosen one from each month. HopeNot many posts to choose from in January so I’ve chosen one where I tried to sum up the hope… Continue reading Review of 2009: Favourite Posts

Review of 2009: Most Popular Posts

Last year I experimented with writing a couple of posts that summarised the year on davblog. It was interesting (if only because it gave me some useful perspective on what I’d been doing over the year) so I’m going to do the same for 2009. In this post I’ll look at the ten most read… Continue reading Review of 2009: Most Popular Posts

Unsaying Things on the Internet

I think that one of the reasons that a certain type of politician is wary of the internet is that once you’ve said something on the internet, it becomes very hard to unsay it. If you’re used to dealing with the world of newpapers and broadcast media where everything is ephemeral then it must be… Continue reading Unsaying Things on the Internet

Supporting Mad Nad

I find myself in the extremely odd position of having to support Nadine Dorries. I mean, obviously I despise the woman. And I don’t think she ever wrote a word on her blog that I agreed with. But I do think that she should be allowed to spout whatever nonsense she wants without having lawyers… Continue reading Supporting Mad Nad