I love flying in helicopters. Of course, the only times I’ve ever been in a helicopter were both taking the “Flight of Angels” over the Victoria Falls so that might well influence my feelings on the matter. I’m currently working just over the river from the Battersea Heliport so all day we can hear the… Continue reading Helicopters

I See Dead People

Today I went to see the Bodyworlds exhibition before it finished its run in London. The exhibition consists of a number of anatomical displays. There are a large number of smaller displays which show various parts of bodies, but the major part is the two dozen complete bodies which are displayed in various artistic poses.… Continue reading I See Dead People

Summertime (and the living is crap)

It seems that the British summer started today. It’ll no doubt be over by the weekend. It’s too hot to do anything constructive. I can’t think straight. I just want to lie down in a darkened room and listen to Beth Orton records. The weather in the UK isn’t supposed to be like this. I… Continue reading Summertime (and the living is crap)