Not entirely sure how this happened, but I seem to have become teetotal.

For many years I’ve had a habit of staying off alcohol for the month of January. This has met with varying degrees of success over recent years, but generally it’s been getting easier. This year I barely noticed it and when February started I didn’t find myself rushing out to drink that first pint. I think I went until the london.pm meeting on Feb 7th before I had a drink.

Over the next few months I was drinking, but I noticed that I was drinking less than I usually did. This, of course, started to lower my resistance to alcohol. This meant that on the occasions that I did drink a lot I was a) getting too drunk too quickly and b) suffering huge hangovers that lasted for days.

So a decision had to be made. Either I could increase my drinking to offset these effects or I could cut it right out. As I was also trying to lose some weight and alcohol is a fantastic source of calories, I chose the latter.

I believe that it was the 4th May that I had my last alcoholic drink – so I’ve been going for just over two months now. I don’t feel fitter or healthier, but I am losing weight. And I really don’t miss those hangovers.


  1. This is probably a very stupid question for some reason which escapes me, but why would it not be possible to drink in moderation? That way you could enjoy sharing the occasional drink with friends, yet still avoid waking up in the gutter with a splitting headache and covered in vomit.

  2. Not a stupid question at all. There’s really no reason why I couldn’t do that.But I suspect that I’d find it difficult to do that without wanting to drink a lot more, so certainly in the short term I’m going to stick with no alcohol at all.

  3. If you don’t miss drinking alcohol then you’re doing the right thing by being Teetotal.And you can always socialize…the “occasional drink with friend” doesn’t need to be alcohol.You don’t need friends to drink alcohol and don’t need alcohol to meet friends.Beside that you save cash and if you loose weight then it can’t be that bad to be a TeetotalA beer drinker

  4. Well done.I took the decision to become teetotal aged 17. I’m now almost 20 and haven’t touched alcohol since I made that choice.

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