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The people at uSwitch saw yesterday’s blog post and were rather pleased that I was so happy with their service. To show their thanks, they’ve written to me with an offer for my readers.

If you use this link to visit their site and change energy supplier before the end of June 2009, they will send you an Amazon voucher for £10. You’ll also (obviously) need to give them a valid email address so they have somewhere to send the voucher.

I don’t yet have a policy for promoting products on this site. Perhaps I should think about that if offers like this become more common. I should, however, point out firstly that I have no connection to uSwitch (I’m just a satisified customer) and secondly that I’m getting no payment for mentioning them again – the offer is just for my readers.

So, once again, here’s the link to use. The offer is valid until the end of this month. Which gives you about two weeks to make use of it.

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