Some Photos At Last

Those of you who were reading my blog back in July will remember a number of posts about me buying a digital SLR camera which I was going to take away on holiday with me. You may be wondering why you haven’t seen any photos.

The truth is that I made a fundamental mistake with the camera. I didn’t check my equipment before using it. And that led to a couple of nasty problems.

  • I went all around New Zealand with a dirty lens
  • I hadn’t formatted the CF card properly so about a quarter of the photos are corrupted and unusable

I still don’t know what to do about the second problem. I have a couple of hundred photos that I just can’t read. Any software I use claims that they aren’t JPEGs. I’m sure there’s a tool somewhere that will fix this. I’ll keep looking.

The first problem, however, can be fixed. This weekend I made friends with The Gimp‘s Clone Tool which seems to be a great way to remove unsightly blemishes from photos.

It’s a manual process though. And I have about eight hundred photos to fix. So they’ll be appearing over the next few weeks. As a taster I’ve uploaded some of the photos I took in Singapore as we passed through on our way to New Zealand.

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