Religious Stupidity

I despair:

Tony Blair says he wants more Muslim imams trained in UK universities, to reduce reliance on imams from overseas.

No. It is not the job of the education system to encourage people to believe in fairy stories. The job of the education system should be to educate people (not difficult to work out really – the clue is in the name). And educated people are less likely to believe in fairy stories.

Oh. Also this:

It came as a report said teaching of Islam in English universities was based on “out-of-date and irrelevant issues”

You don’t say? Surely teacing any kind of religion is teaching out-of-date and irrelevant issues. By definition.

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  1. But on the basis that there will be imams in Britain, surely it’s better that they are training in Britain, so that their teachings reflect British cultural values (ie tolerance).

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