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Update (October 2011): Time passes and companies change. I should point out that this blog post was written a long time ago. I’m assured by Huntress that they have addressed the issues I mention below and are a much better company to work with these days. It’s certainly many years since I received an inappropriate email from them.

A couple of months ago, I wrote this entry about the Huntress Group and how they were pissing me off.

Well, having published that piece everything went quiet. I didn’t get any more unsuitable job requirements sent to me from Huntress. Until yesterday.

So when I replied to the agent yesterday, I pointed out what I’d written about them and also that this page ranked rather highly in a Google search for “Huntress Group“. Within a couple of hours I had their contracts director on the phone apologising and explaining what was happening.

It seems that Huntress agents have been removing my details from their database each time I requested it, but that because Huntress share their database with other agencies through iProfile then each time my profile was updated by another agency, then iProfile sent Huntress a new copy. Frankly that all makes me a bit nervous about dealing with any agency that uses iProfile, but the Huntress director assures me that he will ask iProfile to ensure that my details never get sent back to them again.

That still leaves us with the problem of Huntress agents assuming that I’m a good match for an SAP role simply because my CV contains the letters ‘S’, ‘A’, and ‘P’, but the director I spoke to agreed that this was unacceptable and promised to do what he can to put a make sure that they look a bit more closely at a CV before assuming it’s a match for a job requirement.

So, all in all, I feel a little happier about the Huntress Group. But I think I should take a closer look at how IProfile works.

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  1. Dave, I have read your comments regarding the Huntress Group with interest and have a few words to say. I used top work for The Huntress Group but thankfully left them recently. I have never in my working life encountered such a bunch! As for what their contracts director told you, that is absolute rubbish! They run an in-house system called ‘Paloma’ that shares naff all with anyone, let alone another agency. Rest assured you will get more inappropriate calls / emails. Regards (and good luck)

  2. Dave Read your blog with interest as I stumbled across it.I want to add that I worked for Huntress IT (London) and can honestly say they are bunch of crooks from the Director, Mr Percival-Spencer to their Financial Director Mr Stott.I am so glad I am no long working with them.Keep the good work up.

  3. I have applied for jobs through Huntress so many times, and have had no reply. I’ve called them so many times to speak to certain people regarding **IMMEDIATE START*** jobs and those people seem to be otherwise busy. Useless. It’s all a wind-up I’d hate to meet any of them. Sorry.

  4. I agree with last anonymous post from 30/11/11. I spoke to one of thier ‘consultants’ in Sydney. Clearly had no idea about what i did, by the way i work in IT. I asked about the job that i applied for and they told me they were ‘short-listing’; i believe that this company simply post false jobs and just CV gather to build their internal database – this seems common practice in Australia. Even if i see a job i want to apply for i wont if its advertised by Huntress. A bunch of cowboys, sadly like many other recruiters in Australia.

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