Those of you who have seen me at some point this year will know that I’ve had a pretty bad cough since christmas. A couple of weeks ago it got to be too much and I finally went to the doctor. She diagnosed tracheitus and prescribed a course of anti-biotics. After a few days, that didn’t seem to be doing anything so I made another appointment to go back and see her. She suggested that I should see her the day after I finished the drugs, so I went in on Thursday. On Thursday morning, to add to the cough I was also covered by a vivid red rash

After checking me out again she decided that I should go the local hospital and let them look me over. To cut a long story short, I was kept in hospital until yesterday when the rash started to subside. But they still don’t know for sure what is causing the cough and I have to go back as an outpatient in a couple of weeks.

More details will follow over the next few days (when I feel up to more typing) and there will be plenty to say about the state of the NHS, but this is just a brief note to explain why I haven’t been replying to email for the last few days.

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  1. Hi, getting a rash while taking anti-biotics, that cause the effect if you have taken like coca-cola, I get that too!I still have coughs for 7 weeks.

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