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In WH Smith’s yesterday I was given a free sample copy of Zoo Weekly magazine (“for men who like girls, football and funny stuff”) and against my better judgement I decided to read it.

It’s the most juvenile and sexist pile of trash that it’s ever been my misfortune to read. I really hope that there isn’t enough of a market for it to do well, but I have a horrible feeling that I’m going to be disappointed there.


  1. davorg you are a geek who has no life – get out once in a while rather than posting stupid boring comments on the internet – virgin!

  2. Davorg i bet you read something like Classic carWeekly, and sit there of an evening with your slippers ready to watch universty Challenge orsomething. Sort it out my freind, Zoo Weekly abosolute class about time we had something Weeklyto match the Other Monthley Mags, Great Comments, Top Female Form,And Football great stuff keep it up Zoo Boys and Girls.P.S Enjoy the Fishing Programs Mr Davorg

  3. Zoo weekly is the ebst magazine ever invented!!!Never read nuts but i bet that is gd.The Jokes Rule:Knock knockWho’s ThereLittle Boy BlueLittle Boy Blue Who?Michael JacksonAnd the best bit is that it is all true!!!!PS, Enjoy ur university challenge or wotever u sad ppl at the top watch.

  4. keep up the good work nuts and zoo and can all the old people stop moaning about the content of these magazines because they are the best thing on the shelf and stick to your country life monthly.

  5. Davorg shut up and get a life and what kind of a stupid name is this anyway?.some people do actually like girls,football and funny stuff,infact i bet your single and probably gay i’m i right?.was you expecting the magazine to be all about model making or bird watching ,why the hell is there a nice woman on the front then.please do us a favour and take an overdose

  6. I’d like to thank all of the Zoo readers for their comments on this entry. I’m sure that the editors would be very pleased to know that there are such erudite people out there on the internet defending the magazine. You’ve certainly destroyed the stereotype that the readers of magazines like this are uneducated and illiterate.You were a little off in a couple of your assumptions though. I’m not gay or single. I have no interest in fishing or classic cars and I’ve only ever read one copy of “Country Life”. I do, however, admit to being a bit of a geek.If you want to know anything more about me, then feel free to browse the rest of the entries in my blog – http://dave.org.uk/blog/.Cheers.

  7. Davorg, I’m sure most of the contributors to this site don’t even own a dictionary, so our derogatory comments have fallen on deaf ears (or eyes).Even though they may all resemble anthropoids, I do have to agree with them. Zoo is quite entertaining and you do seem to come across as a twat. No offence and all that, but you do…. Don’t you.

  8. Davorg won it because he used words like illiterate. I think this is such a good word i dont know what it means though hahaha. He smashed all you other cats out the water. Sounds kinda funny to me But Davorg come on mate it’s a good mag..

  9. Hi guys I am gay by the way, ne men up for a chat. I also am a fan of Petre Andre and Simply red. D bow is my shag buddie so no chatin him up

  10. There have been no amusing or even interesting additions to this discussion for a while and Mark has just Godwinned the discussion, so I’m going to close it to new comments.

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