The Cure

A few days ago I happened to catch the video for Boys Don’t Cry on one of the music channels and it reminded me that I haven’t listened to anywhere near enough Cure music recently.

So I set to on ripping all of my Cure CDs, but I strongly suspect that a number of the earlier ones have vanished into the dpeths of Sixteen-Year-Old Stepdaughter’s bedroom. Which is good as she’s showing impeccable musical taste.

But it means that I’ve been listening to things like Wild Mood Swings and Bloodflowers, neither of which I’ve really listened to before. And they’re both really rather good.

And I’ve discovered that there’s a 4 CD boxed set of B sides and rarities coming out soon. See what you miss when you don’t keep up with this stuff.


  1. I wasn’t ever able to get into ‘Wild Mood Swings’ to be honest. I should dig it out again as I haven’t listened to it since it came out. Perhaps it will grow on me :-)’Bloodflowers’ on the other hand is *very* good. I liked it on the first listen. ‘Out Of This World’ and ‘The Loudest Sound’ are my faves.The other week I dug out ‘Faith’. Not one of my faves (or so I thought) and I was quite surprised that I actually really liked it. ‘Cats Are Grey’ in particular.

  2. Very Freaky

    As I was started reading Dave Cross’s blog today I had a creapy feeling. His entry was about rediscovering The Cure. I had just started loading my Cure albums onto my iMac this weekend. Creepy.

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